Monday, April 12, 2010

Learning to step out of our skin...

Have you stopped to consider that your body is NOT YOU?  Indeed, our bodies and our minds, are not what Identifies us.  If we identify with those things, we are limiting ourselves to looking like this or that; we are limiting ourselves to being this personality or that, when we feel depressed--we identify with it by saying "I'm depressed"; and when we feel happy...we identify with that.
Consider this:  When we are in a moment of inner reflection, we say things in our minds like "Did I do the right thing?  What was I feeling when I did that?  How is this going to affect other people I care about?"  These questions indicate to you that "THE OBSERVER" which is asking the questions---is not the "I" in your questions.  The "I" in these questions, is actually your Egoic mind (similar to Frued's theory).  The Observer asking these questions is actually the real YOU!!!  Think about asking those questions in a different way: "Did my mind do the right thing?  What was my body feeling When my Mind did that?  How is this going to affect other people that my Mind thinks are important and cares about?"  This simple exercise helps you step outside of your skin.  Do not find your identity in your mind, or objects around you, or your feelings: all of these are mere manifestations of the Egoic mind--and in many ways could be considered your Human Nature.  When you realize that YOU are not identified as your mind, or your can Transcend beyond your Human Nature.  YOU are a conscious entity; consciousness in raw form, with no body, no mind, no feelings.  Indeed you are BEING itself.
See if your mind can fit this image into your concept of a Higher Power, or God:
     What if God were the Dark Matter that exists within everything in the universe? Not just the space in the cosmos, but the space between the electrons of Atoms, the space between the protiens in DNA.  When we hear in Ancient writings that "God breathed life into us....and made US in HIS image..." What if that means that a little tiny part of him (the empty space which is pure consciousness) is what was put inside of us...Is the part that is actually our Identity.  This does not mean we are God.  God gave this bit of Consciousness as US.  Some people call it our Soul.  Some people call it the God within us.  Some say it is the God matter that IS US.  In this matter: we are created in Gods likeness: and it truly doesn't matter if God was man or woman or none of the above: God is Consciousness....and if we are truly created in that image: we are Consciousness.  After this life, Consciousness does not cease to exist; therefore "fear of death" is a mute subject.  Our Consciousness rejoins with the SOURCE of Conciousness: it rejoins with GOD (the Higher Power of Existence).  This is just an idea, a way of thinking, which requires your mind: which God gave us as a tool.
     So you may be wondering: My mind had believed all the stories of the Bible, or the Quran, how do I reconcile this concept of Being with afterlife?: what about Satan, or Hell?  I have no answers for you there, I am searching for those concepts myself.  If God is able to put a bit of consciousness inside of these body vessels, I'm certain that God has the ability to force that consciousness separated after death: a separation from God is what Hell would be like...indeed; perhaps a separation from Global Consciousness (God) is Hell.  Perhaps the visual pictures we are given in the ancient texts, are to help our MINDS grasp the idea during the time we are not aware that Consciousness is our identity.


Sherry said...

It is so empowering to recognize that place of I am more than my body or my mind; I am all that conceived it. I enjoyed your post and really appreciate the writing of someone who is aware of all of the good happening for humanity.
Blessings to you,

mpechacek said...

This was my favourite...Do not find your identity in your mind, or objects around you, or your feelings. Great thought for the day!


Sherry said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this post inspired me to write a post called "The "I" who Observes Me." I gave you credit for the inspiration as you truly are. Thanks for all of your heart-felt comments on Daily Spiritual Tools. Blessings, Sherry